"If only I could make him understand. I just don't see things the way he does. I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

Ariel - The Little Mermaid

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Boundaries blared the alarm.

Jim shook his cognizance into frame. He quickly rubbed his eye, then grasped and pulled her back to the door by the arm. 

❝Whoa whoa whoa ok. RULES -❞

{a hand supporting him, digging into the door frame} 

First thing…Get the hell outta my room,❞ he tiredly began. ❝You’re lucky this isn’t Compton. 
Second: your smile. It’s creepy AND it’s early.
Third; and I wanna say this is the most relevant: - what are you doing.


                          Jumping by his touch, Ariel found herself pushed back to the one place that she had just tried to avoid.

         Rolling her eyes at his comments, she crossed her arms after taking a quick glance at the alarm that sat on his dirty nightstand. In reality, the two of them had no time to waste.

                 Pursing her lips, the red-head thought of a witty answer to reply to the boy but she was cut short.

                                   “Trying to work, of course.” Ariel answered, holding her binder between her two hands.

             “Considering that my partner never showed, I decided to come and investigate. Where have you been the past hour?”


75 roleplay scenarios, AUs, and thread ideas


Because I’m a really legit person sometimes, here’s a list I started compiling. Feel free to use. x

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Treasures Untold || Underwaterprincess {CLOSED}



       Yes, that silhouette was surely a person.

       Hans could see her moving, it seemed like she had lost her balance and fell on the ground, he caught her attention but for some reason she didn’t answer his call. 

       He could simply just go away and forget all of that, she was probably just another idiot and clumsy citizen, perhaps a homeless drunk without purposes, but for some reason, maybe curiosity, made him stay there and would make him go further.

       The prince called his horse, mounted it and rode to the side of the beach where the mysterious lady would possibly be, "Hey were are you? Are you alright?" He asked, climbing down from the horse and searching for her.

       It didn’t take long to find his answer, there she was. 

       She was no drunk citizen, she seemed more like a lady who was lost from a wrecked ship, she seemed someone who surely needed help, starting from her “dress”       and Hans couldn’t help but gaze her beauty, fair skin, bright red hair and lips, how gorgeous? There was no way he couldn’t not feel a slight attraction on a first sight of this woman, after all he was a man.


       ”Ahm    Hello? Do you need help, lady?” He asked, approaching the woman.


Ariel was mute. Mute, for some crazy and unbelievable reason. All her life, speaking was her way of expression and at that moment, where she needed it the most, her expression failed her.

The mermaid wanted to scream, to squeal in delight at the sight of her Prince but right now, that was the thing that was drawing her back.

With a frown, she pointed to her throat, addressing the problem clearly to the charming man.


Seven Wonders | CMIYC!AU - derangedhatter


By the way she grabbed his hand, he knew the affect he already had on her. True, at first it was intentional for her to fall for him but now that he got to know her a little bit, he sort of preferred waiting on it. Looking over his shoulder to catch the blushing red-head, he smiled before he made his way home and began to work on the documents. 


With his typewriter in front of him, scrapbook accessories and other devices he used to forge, the soap box was right in front of him playing one of America’s most popular medical dramas of the year. “Do you concur, Doctor?”  Apparently, Jefferson was determined to get the role nailed before his interview tomorrow. Little did he know, television doctors are nothing compared to the actual profession. After hours spent working on his resume, his Harvard Diploma awarded to Jefferson Gates. He was ready to create yet another new life.

Returning to the Hospital with a smile on his face, there was Ariel sitting where he left her yesterday. “Guess who’s back? I got my resume and everything, is your boss around? I really want to impress him but maybe, you could wish me good-luck?” For the first time ever, Jefferson had butterflies in his stomach. 

She nearly jumped at the sweet sound of his voice. “Jefferson!” Ariel stood from her seat, greeting him with a brace-filled smile.

The burse blushed from his comments whilst she brought a strand of red hair behind her ear. “I can show you to his office, if you’d like.” She courageously offered. Wow, he’s even more beautiful than I remember. Ariel told herself as she walked around the desk. Clearing her throat and patting down her Caddy uniform, she turned into the proper direction and made sure that Jefferson was behind her. With his scent lingering in her area, she knew for sure that she was enchanted by his presence.


✞ Intertwined Fates ✞ Ariel&Vanessa


   It was your typical day in Storybrooke, faceless people walking through the sidewalk, ghosts the brunette wouldn’t bother to waste her precious memory on it. Faces she didn’t bother to glance at, nor she had any time to.

   —Today of all days, she wanted to go home and get some rest. Being in court all day always ruined her mood. And despite the drugs, she couldn’t keep it up anymore, and even though, as usual, she won the case, deep down there was still a feeling of emptiness, of something very important missing, again she shook off the feelings that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

   Shadows danced against the brick tinged walls as her black stiletto heels clicked against the sleek pavement, a confident, determined walk, and if you didn’t knew any better, you’d swear she was ready to kill and throw side anyone who got in her way,

                                   But she didn’t.

    First, there was a flash, the last thing Vanessa saw was red curls blocking her sight, a bump in her shoulder, and then she felt a hot, brown liquid burning her skin as the coffee soaked her black shirt beneath the suit jacket.

    “—Are you retarded or something?” The brunette asked in a exasperated tone, as her jaw dropped and her chestnut hues scolded the younger female before her.


She was in a hurry. Well, when was Ariel never in a hurry for something. Knowing that she was suppose to follow up on her possible job at Granny’s, the red-head decided to sleep in- for her sake. Although, her needs seemed smaller at the moment rather what was really at hand.

20 minutes late. Ariel knew that Granny was probably thinking of ways to kill her. After Ruby had continuously begged her grandma to help stabilize Ariel’s sake, this was how she repaid her.

Running down the streets of Storybrooke, she hardly noticed herself turning a corner faster than expected and bumping into a hard body.

Being mute, it pulled Ariel into any form of communication and in this moment, if she could scream and beg for apologies, it was the thing she wanted most to do.

Showing an apologetic look, the red-head had no idea what the word ‘retarded’ meant. However, at the tone of the stranger and the condition of her blouse, it didn’t seem too well.

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Memories slipping || underwaterprincess



It felt like a strange one sided conversation that he hadn’t known how to continue. He stared awkwardly away and sighed at his vehicle that stood there aimless and as useless as he felt. “Right.” He said without out reason and handed the mobile back to her. “Uh-thank you. Uh-Miss.” He thought for a second and furrowed his brows. “It’s a shame I can’t thank you properly, not knowing your name and all.” 

He sighed, “Let’s walk to Granny’s. The Tow said it’ll be here in two hours. That’s two hours too long for me to spend in the rain. I’ll buy you something to drink and maybe on the way, we can play a little game. Where I guess your name, is that alright?- I mean I promise I’m not a bad guy or kidnapper-uh but I guess that’s what a kidnapper would say right?” He let out a small chuckle getting a little soaked in the rain as he stepped out to lead the way back to town and out of the road.”

Ariel giggled, blushing at the wet pavement and nodded her head. It couldnt go so bad, could it? Walking through the streets with the stranger, she couldn’t help but sneakingly look his way every so often. Holding her purple umbrella, it was hard to keep the both of them dry under; considering that the man was way taller than her but she seemed to manage. Listening to his guesses, she could not help but playfully bump his side, showing that she indeed had this aura to her. Although her visions were blurry, the least she could do was investigate why the man himself seemed so familiar in the first place.


back for a bit, perhaps.

I really do miss you all.

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